Forrester Corporation

Communications Policy

It is the policy of Forrester Corp.™ to be concise, consistent and candid in its communications to the marketplace, clients, vendors and especially employees. Accordingly, Forrester Corp.™ has established certain milestones in its communications policy that enable it to stay focused on this important business transaction.

Company Goals and Objectives

The senior management of the firm will determine the goals and objectives of the organization at least quarterly. These are to be specific and quantifiable in terms of revenue, market share, new business development, cost savings and profitability. The senior management is then expected to reduce these objectives into more percentages that can be discussed with all levels inside of and outside of the organization without divulging such specific information that it would compromise the competitive edge that Forrester Corp.™ enjoys in the brand management industry.

Industry Metrics

It is important for each member of Forrester Corp.™ to know understand where we fit within our industry, where our competitors fit and our relative gains and losses against that data. This information will be gathered and made a part of the communications efforts.

Internal Metrics

As far as it is practical to do, all internal metrics will be made a part of the communications efforts.


The CEO of Forrester Corp.™ will make Quarterly statements to employees, clients and shareholders in the firm. These statements will include standard financial data as well as industry metrics and a variety of internal metrics. Employees are encouraged to know and understand the “Big Picture” and how Forrester Corp.™ has performed as well as its intended performance for the next quarter. Forrester Corp.™ employees, when well informed, can be some of the very best ambassadors for our company to the world at large and it is the intent of Forrester Corp.™ management that they be so.

Department Heads of Forrester Corp.™ are to meet with all of their staff at least monthly to provide updates as to performance, industry news items and to celebrate successes.

Supervisors at Forrester Corp.™ are to meet with their subordinates at least weekly to address individual achievements and to discuss day-to-day obstacles to superior performance. Competitor information, industry news and the like are to be discussed at these weekly meetings. In addition, information from the people actively engaged in doing the day-to-day work is to be surfaced and brought to the attention of more senior management as a result of these meeting. Follow up actions are to be a part of each meeting.

Customers of Forrester Corp.™ will be randomly asked to participate in meetings held online via “Team Viewer” or similar venues. This will be done monthly and will be the responsibility of the Sales department although Customer Service, Marketing and New Product Development are expected to participate. The same information shared at the Department Head meetings will be shared with customers and feedback from the customers are to be recorded and given to senior management. Action items are to be noted and made a part of the process at subsequent meetings. In this manner, customers are to be recognized as one of the vital entities under the Forrester Corp.™ sphere of influence.

Investors and the Media are to be invited to Quarterly meetings similar to the CEO – Employee meetings. Q&A are encouraged and a follow up for subsequent meetings will be developed. Public distribution of these meetings is expected and encouraged.


The formation of Employee Newsletters are encouraged. They are to be no less than quarterly and employee management of the newsletter with Forrester Corp.™ management oversight will be the structure. Content is largely the choice of the employees but one article will appear in each issue from a different Department Head each issue describing the role, responsibility, challenges and successes of the department.

Customer Newsletters are to be developed from the customer meetings. They are to be sent to all Forrester Corp.™ within the last year. The Customer Service organization will have the responsibility of production with Management oversight and content that reflects the goals, industry news and achievements of the firm.