Forrester Corporation

Employee Grievance

Forrester Corporation™'s management works diligently to be certain that all employees, customers, vendors and applicants are treated fairly. In the event that you, as an employee, feel that you have not been treated fairly, you have access to this process. Please note with very few exceptions, the first step in resolving any issue is with your immediate supervisor.

1. Verbal Consultation with Supervisor

2. Verbal Consultation with Supervisor's Manager

3. Written Complaint

4. Meeting with the Complaint Board

5. Written response from the Complaint Board

6. Arbitration

Supervisor Consultation:

Your first step is to discuss the problem openly and honestly with your supervisor. Clearly explain you position and the reason you are making the complaint. If you are not satisfied with the answer, ask your supervisor to schedule a meeting for you both to discuss the issue with your supervisor's supervisor. This should be scheduled within a week of your first meeting.

Supervisor's Supervisor Consultation:

You and your supervisor should meet with your supervisor's supervisor to discuss the issue. Again you should clearly explain the reason you are making the complaint but now you must also indicate why you disagree with your supervisor's answer at the first step. You should receive an answer within 2 business days following your meeting.

Written Complaint:

If you are not satisfied with the answer that you received from your supervisor's supervisor, you should ask to meet with the Complaint Board. You must reduce the complaint to writing. Clearly state the problem, all of the suggested resolutions to this point and your reasons for having rejected them. There is a form at then end of this policy that is to be used for this purpose.

The Complaint Board is composed of two of the VP’s of Forrester Corp. and the CHRO of Forrester Corporation.

Meeting with the Complaint Board:

Employees will meet with the Complaint Board as soon as practical following the completion of the previous steps. All other people will be scheduled no sooner than thirty (30) days following the submission of the form and the acknowledgement of receipt of same by Forrester Corp. management.

Complaint Steps:

At the meeting, your written complaint will be read and discussed. Any new information that may have arisen since the writing of the complaint should be presented at this time. Otherwise; the Complaint Board will review the facts as you have presented them in writing.

Complaint Board Written Response:

The Complaint Board will provide you with a written response to your complaint within five (5) business days following the meeting.

The Complaint Board is the final step to the Complaint Procedure prior to arbitration. While it can change a ruling it has made based on new information, generally the written response by the Complaint Board should be considered the position of Forrester Corp.'s Management on the issue.


Within ninety (90) days from the answer of the Complaint Board the complainant may request the issue be heard by a panel of arbitrators from the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Should the complainant have an unfavorable ruling from the panel, the complainant will be responsible for all costs of the proceedings including those incurred by Forrester Corp.™ in the preparation of its defense. If the ruling is unfavorable to Forrester Corp.™, it will be responsible for all costs of the proceedings as well as the costs incurred by the complainant to bring the issue to arbitration.

The process for selecting the arbitrators shall be the alternate strike-off method whereby AAA will submit a panel of ten (10) arbitrators to the parties and the complainant strikes off the name of one of the arbitrators. Forrester Corp.™ then strikes off a name. If there is no agreement on the final three (3) arbitrators another panel may be requested and the same process followed until there are three (3) arbitrators remaining from the two lists. With or without agreement, those three (3) arbitrators will form the panel that will hear the issue.

The Arbitration Panel will be final and binding on both parties and there will be no recourse to any Civil Courts.